Beneficiaries’ Feedback

The adoption assessment service has been well received by the beneficiaries. All the beneficiaries had indicated their satisfaction to the following indicators:

  • The Assessor was professional
  • The Assessor made me feel comfortable
  • The Assessor followed up with my requests/ queries/ comments in a timely manner
  • The Assessor had knowledge of what/ where services/ information is/ are available
  • The Assessor was able to help me understand my situation better (96%)
  • I am now better equipped to face or cope with the adoptive parenting journey
  • If I need help in the future, I would approach LCCS
  • Overall I am satisfied with the service I received from LCCS
  • The Assessors are trained Social Workers and Counsellors
  • Clients’ comments:
  • “The assessors helped alleviate our fears and uncertainties about the entire process. We are very grateful for their help.”
  • “The assessors are professional and timely in their assessment of our HSR. They also provided many helpful and informative insights on adopting a child.”

The Marriage Preparation Programme conducted by FWS has been well received by couples and had received its due recognition by MSF. Couples who have had attended these programmes had provided positive feedback and had even recommended the programmes to their friends. They are better equipped to build strong, healthy and resilient families.

  • They are more confident of what they do.
  • They have learnt new knowledge & skills which they can practise.
  • They understand more about the subject matter (pertaining to marriage & family)
  • They have learnt to have realistic marriage expectations.
  • They have greater self-awareness.
  • They have gained a better understanding of their partners.
  • They have learnt how to forgive.
  • They have learnt how to set goals in marriage.
  • They have learnt how to resolve conflict.
  • They have learnt how to communicate effectively.
  • They have reaffirmed their relationship.
  • They have been able to start to work on their identified d growth areas.
  • They have been able to address problems with objectives to resolve them.
  • They learnt to listen to their partners and understand their perspectives.
  • Clients’ comments:
  • “The marriage preparation was set in an intimate environment that allowed us to share openly without any awkwardness. As a result, it also allowed us to understand each other better and understanding issues that were not discussed before though we have been together for 10 years.”
  • “The counsellors have been very helpful and patient. They have given very constructive feedback on the problems we are facing.”

Clients with presenting issues in their marriage and families have also found our counselling services beneficial for them.