LCCS Flag Day 2017

We need your help! Our flag day is happening on May 20, 2017. All proceeds raised goes into funding for the program we run. We hope to raise $100,000 with the support of 1,500 volunteers.


Date: 20 May 2017, Saturday
Time: 8am to 12noon, 12noon to 4pm, 4pm to 8pm
Venue: Island-wide
Roles:Volunteers** (15 years old and above) will assist to raise funds through flag-selling. Parental consent is required for volunteers between the age of 13 and 15.


**Volunteers are permitted to choose their preferred shift, location and they may also choose to volunteer for more than one shift. Student volunteers must volunteer a minimum of one shift to meet the minimum requirements of the Community Involvement Programme (CIP).


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